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On January 3, 2016 Paul Davis Ryan Jr. was sworn on as the 54th and current Speaker of the 115th U.S. House of Representatives. while Paul Ryan, a Republican, who will proudly represent the 1st Congressional of Wisconsin as he has since 1999, the Newsvine 114th United States Congress Nation will change to the 115th United States Congress Nation .

Newsvine's "114th Congress of the United States" Nation is formed to collect and debate the issues and events as they unfold. Join in and give us your opinion on how the Senate and House Leadership should go about conducting the business of the United States of America!

The 113th United States Congress was one of the least, if not THE least productive in modern history, however, the 114th sees both Chamberss under one political banner, giving us hope the next two years may actually produce some meaningful legislation.

The GOP is now in a position to provide the President and his administration with legislation that will shape upcoming policy regarding Domestic and Foreign Policy issues, including the budget, taxes and immigration reform, in formats that are acceptable to the President or they could be facing embarrassing White House Veto's.